Semester 5

fuh fuh, dah berhabuk sawang semua ada kat blog aku ni. kesian awak syg, lama tak ngupdate ><

Alhamdulillah , dah semester 5 kat Pis :) Syukur masih diberi peluang untuk meneruskan pembelajaran walaupun sem 3 hari tu agak clumsy, tak boleh nak go on pun ada.

Cuma sem 5 ni agak tough and 2014 gonna be so hard. But no matter what i will always do my best. Sem ni kena duduk rumah sewa. Kolej Kediaman nak upgrade, so senior kena cari rumah sewa. Syukur sangat dapat dengan classmate so tak susah la nak buat assignment or group discussion.

Banyak perkara yang merungsingkan sebenarnya.... 


Semoga Allah berikan aku kekuatan sentiasa.
Permudahkan aku ya Allah.

Be strong dear

be strong, be brave. accept that some days will be harder than others. there will be days filled with tummy aches and heartaches and headaches. there will be days when things don’t go as planned.
YOU will get through these days the best you can. just keep your chin up and your eyes focused on where you are going. believe in yourself, and dont ever let other people bring you down.

Forgive me Ya Allah

Don’t feel sad or miserable about something you’ve done in your past, something you regret. Just believe that Allah The Greatest and The Most Merciful have forgiven you for your mistakes. 
Don’t hate yourself for a work you haven’t completed or couldn’t complete, and remember to understand that the work of great people is never done, because there is always more to do. 
Work for your future, instead of crying about the past.