I missed you. I know this may sound stupid but I wish I can call or text you whenever I feel like missing you because I miss that feeling of comfort I have whenever I talk, laugh or cry with you. I know it’s a stupid wish because I can no longer call you, not because I don’t want to, it’s because I can’t. because you’re gone. You’re no longer here in this world I’m living in. Trust me, the world seems like a more cruel place without you in it because you were the one who always makes my negativity turns positive because you, yourself, is a positive person. I missed you and how you always make me feel happy, alive, appreciated, wanted and loved. It maybe too late to say it now since I never said this to you before, but I love you. I’m in love with you. I have to let you go now because I have to move on. I’m sorry. I miss you and I’ll always remember you. but I promise though, I shall never forget you. I'm sorry for everything, i cant be the best , forget me , forget our memories. I hope what happened before this will make us more mature. Allah knows what is best.

I wish i can leave a good impact on you..but apparently things got way off from my thoughts. I know i am not a perfect person and i am sorry that i did not nailed it i am sorry that i leave a very bad impact, bad memories, bad impression, almost nothing good on you. I failed to be a person that can encourage you to be good, to be better. I thought i did well...hell i am wrong.Thats what i regret most..yeah . I cant hope anything on people anymore, the hope now is only on Allah...You know..that no matter what we do, we plan, we hope, we try, if we forget Allah.Allah will neglect us.Remember. before you have faith on people surround you...have faith on Allah. Trust Allah..and Allah will grant you beautiful life  .insyaAllah

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